Monday, May 20, 2013

Facebook Password Sniper

Facebook Password Sniper is the only working facebook password hack tool I've tested. It is able to hack 98% of facebook accounts with ease. The rest 2% are those really good protected facebook accounts that have more than 50 characters in the password and contain letters, digits and symbols. But those accounts are really rare so you can say that it always works.

The other cool thing about this is that no one can find about you hacking someone's account because Facebook Password Sniper sends the requests through a highly anonymous proxy server owned by it's developers. As the developer's say it uses Rainbow Tables along with some other techniques to hack the passwords. So, if you want to hack someone's account just download it from the link bellow and enjoy. If you come across an account with a password as described above then just try using a keylogger or phishing.

Click the following link to download it: Facebook Password Sniper